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April 1865: The Month That Saved America
Jay Winik

15 Seconds

15 Seconds - Andrew Gross Enough with the exclamation points already.


NOS4A2 - Joe Hill Definitely a good read. It's very difficult not to compare his writing with the older King; in fact I truly wish I hadn't known who Joe Hill was before I started. So after considering the book and the writing fully on its own merits and not comparing, five stars it is. Looking forward to reading more of Joe Hill's work, and following his progression from a good writer to a great one.

Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher Finally a new series worth reading! Looking forward to moving through them.

Mad River (A Virgil Flowers Novel)

Mad River (A Virgil Flowers Novel) - John Sandford Virgil Flowers is a great spin off to the "Prey" series; although this book seemed a bit odd (as in different from the others in the series) to me, it was still an excellent read. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Wind Through the Keyhole - Jae Lee, Stephen King Down the rabbit hole again. This eighth novel in the Dark Tower series is set between "Wizard and Glass" (4th in the series) and "Wolves of the Calla" (5th). I originally resisted reading the entire series, simply because the story didn't appeal to me; of course, Stephen King comes through as always, an ace story teller who draws the reader in and keeps him there. Roland and his Ka-tet are taking shelter from a violent killer storm (a "starkblast"), and to pass the time, Roland tells a story from his days as a young gunslinger from Gilead; in the midst of that, he passes along a fairy tale--The Wind Through The Keyhole--that was told to a very young Roland Deschain. Excellent addition to the series, adding some color to the characters and more details bout Mid-world. Now I'll more than likely go back and begin reading the entire series again. Why does Stephen King have to be so bloody good?

A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man - Lee Child One of the best!

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A Novel

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A Novel - Stieg Larsson I might be in the minority, but I believe this was even better than the first one.


11/22/63 - Stephen King Once again, Stephen King has proven (at least to me) that it's not the story, it's the story teller. Like most of his books, I'm not a huge fan of the plot; however, the characters and intense story line are nothing short of amazing.

The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16)

The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16) - Lee Child Yet another excellent installment in the Reacher series of books. Hard to put down.

Never Look Away: A Thriller

Never Look Away: A Thriller - Linwood Barclay Excellent. Linwood Barclay gets better with every work.


Next - Michael Crichton Interesting stuff, humorous at times, but not nearly as good as what we have come to expect from Michael Crichton.

Bad Guys

Bad Guys - Linwood Barclay I previously read "Bad Move" by Barclay, and it's really a pleasure to read a newer book by an author whose work actually improves with experience. He may become one of my favorites.

The Corpse Steps Out

The Corpse Steps Out - Craig Rice If you want to immerse yourself in a book that reads like a 1940's era movie, this is the one for you. In my mind, all of the scenes were in black and white. The mystery was enough to keep me interested.

Gideon's Sword

Gideon's Sword - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Interesting premise, and the plot kept moving. Not as good a read as I'd hoped, but looking forward to the next in the series; hopefully it will get better.

McNally's Secret

McNally's Secret - Lawrence Sanders Reads like a classic murder mystery; sometimes it was hard to remember the setting was modern day Florida. Overall enjoyable, easy and fun to read. Archy is an suave and entertaining protagonist.

Journey Into Fear

Journey Into Fear - Eric Ambler I haven't read much Eric Ambler, and what I have read was many years ago. Reminds me of Agatha Christie's style of writing. Actually not bad though, for a book set early in WWII (around 1940 or so). Not keep you on the edge of your seat suspense, but enough to keep it interesting.